The New Humanity – A Movement To Change The World


The New Humanity: A Movement to Change the World

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The New Humanity A Movement to Change the World is a trilogy for a new generation that wants to change the outcome of a world enveloped by fear and divide. The first book is called “Our Roots”; the second “Humanity at the Crossroads; and the third “The Rise of Ilian.” The first book returns to “the greatest Sixties stories ever” to share with Millennials how we did it then and how we can do it again. The first book also explains the complete mission of the trilogy—to support a global movement that can change the world. It takes the reader into some of the most dynamic events of the Sixties where the reader can see a movement in action through the eyes of the author. He was one of the Chicago 7 and the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition of that era. He also organized the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history and partnered with John Lennon to end the Vietnam war.