Infinity Light Weaving Course


INFINITY LIGHT WEAVING A LightBody™ Healing Tool for Manifesting Health, Wealth & Happiness. 30+ Videos & Live Calls Monthly, Full Color Graphics and Practical “How to” processes.



ACTIVATE Your Natural ability to SENSE and DIRECT Energy! Your MOON, MINDSET, MONEY and HAPPINESS are all in your hands… IF you learn this simple, elegant and powerful LightBody™ Healing Process – The INFINITY LIGHT WEAVE.
RAISE VIBRATION, STATE, RATE, CONSCIOUSNESS! Reconnect & Cross Energy Flows in all bodies.

To MOVE slow, stuck, sluggish channels, blocks or energies. To DISSOLVE a block, or to reconnect the subject to their purpose, passion and Soul.

GOOD for depression, pain, overall energy and health, finding solutions, getting motivated, finding your ‘mojo” again, to increase focus or courage. To increase flow and connection. From Raising your MOOD and Increasing Your Abundance to Decreasing Inflammation & Anxiety.

You will LEARN, DOWNLOAD, ACTIVATE “Infinity Light Weaving” and be able to Apply it – Anytime – Anywhere very quickly!
It will raise your energy, unclog blocks in your physical and subtle bodies (emotional body, mental body, financial body, karmic…), give you clarity in mind and purpose, increase flow of lifeforce, release unserving energies and much more.

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Get access to the LightBody School Membership site, all training, activation and meditation videos, full color downloadable graphics and a monthly Live Healing and Q & A call. Includes the Infinity LIght Weaving Process and tools an trainings, PLUS “Infinity Light Weaving for Anything” 10 part course showing you deep healing concepts and how to apply Infinity Light Weaving to daily and chronic challenges. You get access to the 30 Daily LightBody Activation videos, each with a different theme and varying from 30-90 minutes. PLUS the brand new “Quick & EZ LightBody Activations” featuring Infinity Light Weaving (10/19).